Wednesday, July 11, 2007


I just head about the Jena 6 today, on Democracy Now--I gotta say, not that it's news to anyone, but Amy Goodman kicks ass.

I got to reading about the case, and it occurred to me that on the same day Mychal Bell of the so-called "Jena 6" was convicted by an all-white jury (is this 2007 or 1957?) presided over by a white judge who would not give the jury a written copy of the charges and no witnesses were called on Bell's behalf, the Supreme Court basically endorsed segregation in the Seattle school case. Those events happened on June 28--what synchronicity!

Who says racism isn't alive and well in America in the "new" millenium?

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Anonymous said...

Uhmm, no. Your falling for the mass media rendition of the facts.
"All White Jury?" You should really ask why none of the BLACK's who were called to serve did not bother to show up to do their civic duty...the facts.
The so-called WHITE tree is a bogus moniker, the school staff has debunked this claim but deaf ears reign supreme. The FEDERAL DA...whom happens to be black I might add.. and his investigation showed there was NO connection to the nooses (2 nooses btw, not 3) and the savage beating of the white student. This does not sell to the MSM and the Race Baiters so by the time their done with this story it'll prolly be 10 nooses and White students roamed the hall ways with Sheets on there heads.
Interesting read in the Kansas city Star by Jason Whitlock " Lessons in Jena LA. that you may find enlightening.