Monday, June 25, 2007


The idiot and the vampire (i.e., Bush and Cheney) are slowly, quietly, casually setting themselves up with dictatorial powers. The latest evidence of this is Cheney's bizarre, unfounded assertion that the vice president's office is not "an entity within the executive branch."

We are one hurricane or domestic "terror attack" away from totalitarianism.

"New revelations that Cheney and Bush have openly declared themselves to be have total power and the ability to bypass law and oversight should be a code red emergency. They are moving to implement everything necessary for a total takeover should a catalyst event provide the opportunity. Given that this administration has a history of cooking up its own catalysts we should be very wary indeed."

Another reason Kucinich is a badass...and why the MSM marginalizes him

Kucinich has actually introduced articles of impeachment against Cheney. No other presidential candidate, senator, or congressperson has had the cojones to do this. Bush and Cheney must be stopped, yet no one has stepped forward to help Kucinich advance this very necessary step against the idiot and the vampire (or in this case, just the vampire).

Big liberal blogs like Daily Kos and Americablog have already gone on record saying they don't support impeachment. They are still laboring under the delusion that our government is still "ours." That is to say, they think that all the Democrats have to do is demonstrate to the public that their policies are better for the country, and consequently, they'll win elections.

Even if that were true, there is still no excuse for not bringing impeachment proceedings against the idiot and the vampire...

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