Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Of power, that is? It's beginning to look like we may get our wish--finally, a check on the Bush adminstration.

As I was watching TV, looking at msnbc.com, etc., this thought occurred to me--before they off Saddam, could somebody let him say whether or not he had any links to al Qaida or whether he had any nuclear weapons? Wouldn't he be honest about it now that he has nothing left to lose? Just a thought...

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LarryG said...

Well, let's hope they use it for good and address the issues the people are concerned about. I hope it just not about having power. I know I don't want the country to go careening way over the left side just as I don't want the country way over on the right side. Right in the middle is fine...Let's keep the fanatics on both sides out of it. They do nothing but distract us from the real issues of the day.