Monday, October 09, 2006


Why should anyone in the U.S. give a second's thought to whether or not North Korea has a--that's "a" as in "single" or "only one"--nuclear weapon?

The United States has enough nuclear weapons to blow up the world many times over and is the only country in the world to have ever used them against another country--a Southeast Asian country, at that.

Why do the media in general and even the "liberal media" consistently give this non-event so much press and label it "a threat?" How in God's name is North Korea a threat of any kind to the United States?

Why are we expected to fear this? I thought those of us in the "liberal media" were trying to keep people from living in fear.

Is this just further evidence of the pervasive, all-consuming influence of the military-industrial complex?

Pakistan is a country run by a dictator that has nuclear weapons and according to some reports, is currently providing safe haven for Osama bin Laden (speaking of which--the FBI says they don't have enough evidence of bin Laden's involvement in 9/11 to submit to a grand jury in order to obtain an indictment of him). Yet we let the leader of that country come promote a book (?) and appear on the Daily Show like it's all just peachy.

Not only are we the only country ever to have used nuclear weapons against another country, we also have recently shown ourselves willing to invade and occupy sovereign nations on pretexts supported by flimsy and/or nonexistent, make-believe "evidence." Every other country in the world has to see that as threatening, even our allies.

North Korea is not a threat to world peace and security, WE are. Don't buy into this idea that every "rogue" country is somehow a terrible, grave and gathering "threat" to the United States and that we therefore have to go to war with or at least bomb them. It's completely ludicrous. It's farcical, even--imagine how we might react to a movie or a play about a giant country that lets its imagination run wild and wastes its blood and treasure trying to put out the burning matches of smaller, less powerful countries with firehoses until the giant country is bankrupt, friendless, and a shell of its former self. We'd most likely think the giant country was overreactive, overly defensive, wasteful, and just plain stupid.

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