Tuesday, April 25, 2006


Doesn't this just take you back...to a better time, a cheaper time, i.e. May 2001?
Traveling by car these days will cost you more this summer-- at least $1.70 a gallon for gas. That's the average price at the pump this month, up 13 percent from just a year ago.
And this reminds us of better times...like back in June 2000 when we weren't at war and we had a popular, articulate, popular, and much less conservative president:

It isn't just the Midwest suffering from a sudden spike in gas prices. Nationwide the average price for a gallon of regular unleaded gas has jumped from $1.42 on May 1st, to $1.65 reported this week.
I Would Take Blow Jobs Over Bombs

And remember when all we had to be horrified about was the president engaging in oral sex, back in '98? Ah, weren't those the days?

And those days could be ours again if we just "impeach the motherfucker already" right after we turn control of the House and/or Senate to the Democrats.

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