Wednesday, January 04, 2006


This story about Iran announcing its intention to restart its search for nuclear fuel was a headline on the MSN homepage this morning, where it said something like "Paper: Iran to Restart Nuclear Program" or some such.

Well, bully for Iran! Since the United States is the only country in the entire history of forever to have used nuclear weapons against another country (and are doing so at this very moment) we are really in the morally strong position to discourage Iran from developing nuclear weapons.

Don't let them fool us again! For one thing, who cares if Iran has nuclear weapons? We have an enormous stockpile with which no other country on earth can even begin to compete. The Cold War generation lived through the supposed constant threat of Russian nukes going off any minute and yet we never invaded the Soviet Union.

We've already heard about how al Qaeda is hiding out in Iran, or at least that's what the headlines say even though the stories themselves are about complicated prisoner transfers. We've heard how the new president of Iran is a Holocaust denier and was supposedly one of the hostage-takers in 1979. And now this latest news completes the demonization.

Our only hope is that Bush will be hobbled by the NSA scandal, Jack Abramoff, and God knows what else is going to come to light in the next few months so we no spouses have to have a new sticker on their car in addition to the one they already have: "Half of my heart is in Iran."

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scarlettholly said...

the difference is that iran is headed by a nutcase who also wants to destroy israel, and denies the holocaust ever took place. with a guy like that holding a trigger to atommic weapons, no one can sleep easy. just because it isn't yr backyard doesn't mean it won't come bite you in the ass.