Wednesday, December 21, 2005


I mean, I know there's about to be holiday (fuck you O'-Lie-lly) break, but hot damn, we got us some impeachin' to do!

The cracks in the Republican party are getting deeper and longer. They can't even get their talking points straight anymore. Drudge was offering the false, out-of-context assertion that even Clinton and Carter had done what Bush has done. And around that same time, Bill Kristol was saying that he wished Clinton had done what Bush did, because it could have stopped 9/11.

If Drudge and Kristol can't get on the same page, shit is fucked which is it guys, is Bush just following Clinton's lead or is Bush the first guy to violate the FISA law?

Well, you can't believe a word either of those guys say, but you can believe the guys over at the Center for American Progress, who handily debunked Drudge's context-less quote. If you haven't yet, sign up for their daily email. It'll be very useful at the dinner table over the holidays.

Whatever can we do to help the poor?

You hear this question woefully asked from time to time by well-meaning types. What can we do to help the poor, they ask, with the implication being that "the poor" won't help themselves and just refuse to pull themselves up by their bootstraps because they like that free milk from that government tit. And that's my money, these same well-meanies would say--they're taking my money to sit on their ass while I work. [well-meanie: n, one who disguises apathy or contempt in high-minded, sympathetic yet ultimately empty language or gestures]

So the well-meanie's conclusion is usually said with a downcast sigh--there's just not much we can do for them, alas...

But Dick Cheney knows what to do for them--make their health care cost more and put education even further out of their reach, among other things. And then Frist comes out and basically implies that fucking over the poor shows good fiscal discipline and more than makes up for all the lives and money and energy and goodwill wasted on the Iraq debacle...Geez Louise, these guys have no souls...

President Cheney

That's the only problem with impeaching Bush, you know. "President Cheney"--yikes! Because he'd assume dictatorial powers with no pretense the second the last words of the oath of office came out of his mouth (he's just that evil). And then we'd either have to have another impeachment immediately or a bloody revolution.

Can't we impeach the idiot and the vampire (I mean, Bush and Dick) simultaneously or something?

Oh yeah, and let's end this war, give Jose Padilla the courtesy of a trial, and have a Merry X-mas (eat me, John Gibson).

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