Tuesday, November 15, 2005

THEY DENIED IT EARLIER: Pentagon admits use of white phosphorous

Well, well, well...the Eye Talian press got it right after all, huh...maybe some U.S. journalists need to pay a little more attention to that La Repubblica story...

But here's the telling line in the BBC story linked above:

The US earlier denied it [white phosphorous] had been used in Falluja at all.
Sound familiar? How about Scott McClellan assuring us that he talked to Rove and Libby personally and they told Scottie they weren't involved in the leak. They denied it earlier...

And there are many more such incidents. Incidents like this phosphorous business are just par for the course. It's kindergarten simple--whatever anyone in the Bush administration says, the opposite is true. Listen for it--the next denial or assertion of fact you hear from Bush's or McClellan's mouth, know that the opposite is true.

Pentagon a week ago: We not only didn't use white phosphorous as a munition, we didn't use it at all. THE OPPOSITE WAS TRUE.

Just saying...

Letter To The Editor

Another one appeared today: First the one I responded to, then my response...

Pray earnestly for our president

Regarding the letter to the editor published Oct. 7 in the Hattiesburg American ("President Bush should step down") by D.E. Dawsey of Columbia, how did Mr. Dawsey come to believe his opinion is that of the American public? I, for one, do not agree with anything Mr. Dawsey has said.

I believe President Bush is a man of high integrity and intelligence. I have never seen or heard any evidence to the contrary. The fact that over 100 countries offered aid to the U.S. after Katrina speaks very highly of President Bush, who personally dealt with the leaders of these countries and earned their respect.

Concerning the war in Iraq, I have never been more proud of my son than the day he left to serve our country in Iraq, even though my heart grieved every moment. I knew he was on a mission for good and right, peace and liberty for the oppressed and downtrodden.

President Bush has told us he prays daily for God's guidance. When God is using someone, Satan goes after them with everything he has to destroy them. Are we as Christian people going to let Satan destroy our leader who seeks God's guidance?

If we sit back and allow this, then shame is on us.

We need to pray earnestly that God will guide and protect President Bush as he stands for the right.

Sandra Price,


Willful ignorance pervades nation

In response to Sandra Price's letter to the editor on Veterans Day ("Pray earnestly for our president," Nov. 11), I would say that we don't need to pray; we need to acknowledge the mountain of evidence that confirms the Bush administration's grave errors and take appropriate action to correct those errors.

I'll sum up Price's main points and then rebut them.

First, she can't believe the American public is unhappy with Bush - to which I say that even Fox News shows in a recent poll that only 36 percent of Americans approve of Bush's job performance.

Second, she says Bush is a "man of high integrity and intelligence," and she has "never seen or heard any evidence to the contrary." To which I reply, open your eyes and take your fingers out of your ears, as have 58 percent of Americans who recently told ABC News/Washington Post pollsters that they doubt Bush's honesty both as president and as a person.

Third, Price argues that the Iraq war is "good and right" and is being fought for "peace and liberty for the oppressed and downtrodden." Only people who are deluding themselves (and/or being deluded by others) could really think those things are true of an illegal conflict in which we invaded a country that never attacked us, tortured prisoners taken there and caused the deaths of thousands of civilians.

I plead with Price and others who share her views to stop intentionally ignoring information unfavorable to the president just because he says he prays every day. Is that really all he has to do to get a pass - merely speak those words (whether he means them or not) and then no matter what else may come to light about him, he has your support?

Even the devil can cite scripture for his purpose.

Unfortunately, such willful ignorance pervades this country and can only lead to more sorrow, death and destruction.

Clinton Kirby

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