Monday, August 08, 2005


R.I.P P.J....

Heard a story on NPR about Iran and nukes and how that's a "crisis". What the hell is with that? Why are we constantly being told that if other countries have the bomb, it's a "crisis" for us?

The crisis, as non-nuclear countries see it, is us having the bomb, the only country to ever actually use nuclear weapons against another country--you never are reminded of that in these breathless "crisis" stories. But that's why they want the bomb, because they don't trust us. And for God's sake, why the hell should they?

In Iran, the CIA helped overthrow Mossadeq, the democratically elected leader (not that he was actually all that "democratic"), to install the Shah, who would give the West favorable oil deals. It's the same damn story with us over and over again.

Now we've invaded Iraq unprovoked, right next door to Iran, and are throwing out slander at Iran's new president, and so forth.

A little aside: As I predicted in this entry (6-30-05), it has come out that the CIA now says Ahmadinejad, the Iranian president wasn't one of the kidnappers in the embassy takeover in 1979.

And last week, a U.S. official told CNN that CIA analysis of a photograph of
a hostage-taker at the embassy, taken around the time of the siege, determined
the individual was not Ahmadinejad. But the official said it had not been
established whether Ahmadinejad had a role in the embassy takeover.

Note that this information is the last sentence in this story, not in the headline or first few paragraphs--it's just an afterthought, whereas the accusations of him being a kidnapper were headlines across the country, across the media, casting more aspersions and serving to demonize the country Puppet Bush will have us invading next--End of aside.

Of course they want the bomb. It's the best deterrent yet it's simultaneously useless. But it's the biggest stick you can wave around.

I say, the more countries with nukes, the better. Then everyone will be terrified of everyone else and we can finally leave each other the hell alone.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>And go Cindy go! <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

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Cocanut_Monkey said...

How can you possibly push these views on an unsuspecting populace? You are liberal fishhead eating Banana Daquri drinking scum. It is a true pleasure to know you. Tell the Missus the coconut monkey says hey.
PS. The world needs more who think as you do.