Tuesday, July 05, 2005


or in lieu of that, here's some lines I shat out today:

with all these podcasts and bomb blasts i can't hear myself think
through all the pop ups and blogs i can't form an opinion
but the steady soft hum of my dell comforts me
i don't need myspace because i've got my own place

and all the nipples and the thighs get old after a while
anyone can pass as foxy and bright at their own website
i'm always worried that i'll eventually run out of memory
so i try to remember where the superhighway's exits are

every war from this one on will be fought online
in every chat room, forum, message board, and filtered inbox
with every mpeg, jpg, mp3, and html tag fortifying the supply line
forget your CTS, point and click, and let's get it on

the future is now just like the future was then
you can't see the future til you're in the past
maybe a flash animation will help put it all in perspective
or just forget your passwords and download into history


Don't have much to say in the way of politics today. I just want Rove news and there wasn't much forthcoming today...I watched "Hardball" for half a second--long enough to hear Andrea Mitchell ask that coif from the Family Research Council what kind of justice they will "allow" George Bush to appoint.

Of course we all know that Bush and the Repubics have hitched their falling, fading star to the religious right, but it's got to suck if you're the fucking leader of the free world, He Whose Finger Is On "The Button", etc. and then you see Andrea Mitchell on Hardball letting on that you take orders from some lame-ass "research" council...

Also, when is the Downing Street Memo gonna take W. down? And one more thing...if only it were Kerry that was getting to choose a Supreme Court nominee...

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