Thursday, March 10, 2005


Says Greg McBride in the Personal Finance Minute (March 10th broadcast). He points out that the rate for a platinum variable card "spiked" from 12.3% to 12.9% "and is now the highest in more than three years." Average car loan rates also surged, McBride says, jumping to a "two year high of 7.61%" on a four-year loan.

So why is it that the credit card industry feels that they have to kick people when they're down? The Moral Bankruptcy Act of 2005 passed the Senate this evening. Remember if the jag-offs who represent you (and who you may have even voted for) voted for this when you have a medical emergency or your job gets outsourced or you get divorced or any number of other emergencies happen to you over which you have no control and you want to try bankruptcy but these new rules say that, "No, you earn enough income to pay them off" and you have to pay for credit counseling and you have debt on top of debt. And if your jag-offs voted for it (mine did), fucking throw them out at the earliest available oppportunity.

MS MEDICAID-Will 1/4 of MS Be Let Down Tomorrow?

Still no fix. Barbour's answer is to ask health care providers to continue to treat Medicaid patients even if Medicaid goes bust tomorrow because somehow, some way, he says, the doctors will eventually get paid. And how the fuck will that happen? Hopefully when Haley Barbour is impeached and removed from office and somebody who is not a repeal-the-20th-century-and-court-the-racist-vote-fat-fucking-jackass will get in office and raise some motherfucking taxes and help out our needy like Jesus has told us to do. We'll see...

Remember this, you who voted for Haley. His campaign had signs and stickers with every imaginable group of people "for Haley"--Sportsmen for Haley, Fuck-The-Poor-Racists For Haley, and so forth. The thing is, Haley is not for you! If this Medicaid debacle doesn't prove it, what the fuck will?

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