Sunday, October 31, 2004

A SIGN STAYED UP a vote for Bush is a vote for inhumanity...

Stapling the signs high up on a tree seemed to work, as the sign in the ground was stolen (as usual), but the Kerry sign in the tree stayed through the night!!! I'm finally winning my war on the Bush terrorist thugs that roam these parts...

What "Librul" Media

Not much to say...still just ready for the election to get here...Was it last night or no, I think it was early this morning on MSNBC where they played a Brian-Williams-hosted Kerry special about Vietnam. I didn't see most of it, but from what I saw (toward the end), it wasn't exactly flattering but it wasn't a condemnation either.

Which is fine, except that the Bush piece they played immediately afterward was part of their "Headliners and Legends" series, and it started off as a gigantic Bush puff piece--i.e., extremely flattering.

But I guess that's the liberal media for ya...always beating up on the's a real travesty.

Kerry Was In Vietnam

And the five minutes of "Meet The Press" I watched was infuriating. I saw Giuliani call Kerry "anti-military." To his credit, Russert did point out that Kerry was in combat, while Bush escaped in the National Guard, Cheney didn't serve at all, and neither did Rude-y. But as per usual, he didn't say "You're right Tim. Maybe that remark was a little out of line. It is rather inappropriate for me to apply the word 'anti-military' to a decorated Vietnam vet, especially since I've never served."

No, Rude-ass just kept on with his lateral lisp and his eyelid-straining, looking (and being) deranged as he pointed out what a jerk was when Kerry came back from the war. That's what the Repukes want Iraq vets to know--as long as you don't tell the truth about what you experienced during your time in harm's way, we won't smear you. But the second you point out how there were no WMD and go all John Kerry on us, you're fucked, soldier.

O'Neill Wants To Die

Then later in the day I'm watching more BookTV and see Doug Brinkley ably defending Kerry and explaining "Tour Of Duty." Of course, in the interest of "balance," Lamb wraps up with Brinkley then shows an appearance of O'Neill at the Commonwealth Club in San Francisco. O'Neill talked so fast and in such an uninspiring monotone that you could easily see how he's lost his soul.

My God, he's so whiny. What sour grapes coming from this guy. He's told these stories a thousand times and can't for the life of him understand why it's not making the 51% of the country that will elect John Kerry fall prostrate before Bush. It's pathetic to watch him, actually. He's on the wrong side of history but just can't admit it to himself.

He is actually very smart, but he's so angry that Kerry is tall, thin, rich, famous and about to be elected President--Kerry is everything O'Neill is not. But, O'Neill whines, Kerry was only in combat for 4 months! I was in combat so much longer! I should be the famous good-looking presidential candidate!

Aw, boo-hoo ya porky black-souled tool...Dry up and try to think straight. You know this guy is just wishing for death so he won't feel compelled to have to talk about John Kerry all the time. I mean, O'Neill probably feels slighted because Kerry once rebuffed O'Neill's sexual advances. Come on, for someone who doesn't like John Kerry, O'Neill sure talks about him a lot. I think someone's got a widdle kwush and doesn't feel wuvved...

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